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There shouldn’t really be a need for a credit control company like us, we understand that. Once you finish a job, raise and issue a sales invoice to your client, they should just pay within your agreed payment terms, right? Unfortunately, more often than not people don’t pay on time and you are left with negative cash flow and a positive headache.

The BFS SME Confidence Tracker exposed the detrimental effects bad debt can have on vital small businesses, with more than one in four (27%) facing lower profits than they expected and around 4% saying they almost went bust as a result of the inability to recover debt.

You work hard, you work well and you work to deadlines so finding the time for credit control seems impossible – does this sound like you? If so, then get in touch with Cambridge Credit Control, let us manage your sales ledger and we’ll let you manage your business. It’s what you’re best at.

We charge an hourly rate for our service and can agree a fix amount of time if required. We will be in regular contact with you throughout so you always feel in control and well taken care of.

What the experts say

“Bad debt is a serious issue affecting a large number of businesses in the UK. The issue is particularly problematic for smaller firms who have often footed the bill for upfront costs even though they don’t have sufficient cashflow to survive.”

David Postings

Chief Executive, Bibby Financial Services

“Prompt payment can make all the difference to small businesses, boosting their cashflow and allowing them to invest in growth for the future.”

Margot James

Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility

“Due diligence and effective credit control are paramount to understanding your customers and ongoing monitoring can help you to identify potential signs of bad debt before the problem arises.”

Edward Winterton

Commercial Director, Bibby Financial Services

A hands on approach to credit control

We have had many years of credit control experience, we know when to chase, how to chase and when to take the final steps. We work with a friendly but firm manner, we never bully, shout or threaten. We understand that the people we speak to are your clients and that we will be representing you. Your business reputation is safe with Cambridge Credit Control.

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